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Grazing Table


Entertain your guest with a unique and creative meat and cheese dedicated  table. Having a beautiful grazing table will be the talk of any event and a memorable attraction. Enjoy a beautiful work of art, it pleases both your sight and your pallet. Indulge your guest with delicious meat and cheese combos, try our favorite pairings, and discover new taste adventures for yourself. Take entertainment to the next level when you book with us.

Setup fee: $300 setup fee PLUS $30 per person. 

(Please contact for pricing, cost may vary depending on the amount of guests serving)


Mini Picnic

Mini Picnic: A mini picnic set from us for your romantic date. It comes with a woven picnic basket, a small charcuterie box, and two nonalcoholic beverages to enjoy.

Mini Picnic Package: $150

Luxury Picnic

Enjoy a luxury picnic in the sun with your loved ones without the hassle of prepping and cleanup. Our package comes with setup, a grazing table, desserts, non-alcoholic beverages, and cleanup. We start with plate settings that are unique and beautiful, stainless steel utensils, cloth napkins, and both regular and crystal glasses. We decorate your tables with custom arrangements and create a  grazing table filled with meat, cheese, crackers, and assorted fruits. Give in to your sweet tooth cravings with the desserts we provide and wash it all down with some cool non-alcoholic refreshments from the ice container. After you enjoy your picnic call us and we'll come clean, so you don't have to.


Package Pricing: Starts at $300 for two.

Price per person: $75 

Additional Tables/Decor: $100 (Each Table seats 6)

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