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Our Story

Happy Box was created through the love of food. We are a cheese and charcuterie catering business based in Sacramento. Our business was founded in 2020 by Dia Xiong, a big food enthusiast. We are always looking for new ways to enjoy cheese, produce a new experience, and bring happiness with every bite.


Founder and

My name is Dia Xiong, and I'm the founder and co-owner of Happy Box. I started this company as a fun project. I was recovering from two strokes, the loss of a baby in my second trimester, and constant health problems.  I decided that I had to start living life the way it was meant to, I was meant for more in this life. As a food enthusiast I decided to start a business that I enjoyed and allowed me to love every moment of my job.  Happy Box is more than just cheese, charcuterie and grazing, we're a company that creates and caters to our client's vision. We strive to perfect your ideas. It's a brand that gives happiness through creative food artistry and customer satisfaction. We hope to expand in the future, not just in meat and cheese but food that brings joy to those who choose to open the box.

Our Partners

Checkout our partners!


why KNOT book us?


Find us at the Old Sugar Mill or at Clarksburg Wine Company (only available on specific days)


We are proud vendors at this local Cafe

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